Five Point Thrust

Since its establishment, Delta Sigma Theta has clearly established itself as a public service organization that strives to confront the problems of African Americans and, hence, all Americans. A wide range of programs addressing education, health, international development, and strengthening of the African American family have emerged and evolved over the years. In realizing its mission, Delta Sigma Theta provides an extensive array of public service through its Five-Point Program Thrust:

Economic Development

Metropolitan Dallas Alumnae Chapter's mission is to inform, educate and empower our community to achieve economic sustainability.

Educational Development

Metropolitan Dallas Alumnae Chapter proudly sponsors several programs that focus on the Educational Development Thrust of the sorority.

International Awareness & Involvement

Metropolitan Dallas Alumnae Chapter is actively involved in creating awareness and programs focusing on the African Diaspora.

Political Awareness & Involvement

The first public service of the sorority in March of 1913 was the Women’s Suffrage March. This action set the tone for the identity of the sorority.

Physical and Mental Health

Metropolitan Dallas Alumnae Chapter works diligently to educate the African American Community about health issues that most impact our community’s longevity.

Activities under the Five-Point Programmatic Thrust involve members as volunteers in direct services, catalysts for community action, and trailblazers in providing inter-agency support for issues both public and private. Leaders network and build coalitions with other organizations to secure resources and disseminate vital information.